Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank You, Steve



  1. today i gave life to my old g4, installing a mac mini in the base, how appropriate r.i.p

  2. Michael, I feel the same way, I think I associate the iMac G4 with Jobs more than any other product. I know the G3 came in lots of colors, but it still looked like a CRT monitor. The iMac G4 was that first "thats a computer?" device I ever saw.

    Michael, if you don't mind me asking, I myself have never taken apart a mini, but many people ask me about it. What size iMac did you use? Which mini did you use? Did you remove it fully from its enclosure? Did you keep the drive? If so, how do you work the drive door? Did you keep the fan at the top? Do you have anything else in the base? Any heat issues? Thank you and thanks for reading. I hope my blog was helpful.

  3. i most associate Steve Jobs with the g3 and g4 iMacs. as well as the g3 iBook. these computers say to me "hey you can use a good looking and powerful computer designed by visionaries of the future!" also, when i think of Steve Jobs, i see the iPod classic. he said we could hold a thousand songs in our pockets. i'm getting close to just that. Thanks Steve. You changed the world

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