Saturday, July 17, 2010

Apple Cube Mod

Now that I have moved into a new house and all major things have been done, I'm anxious to start a new project. After seeing some video of the new boxee box, I am intrigued with the possibility of having an aesthetically pleasing, small computer with the sole purpose of running either boxee or xbmc on a Linux distro to provide Internet content to a HDTV. One pleasing design is of course the apple cube. Updating the cube to support 1080p video is probably easiest to do with an atom/ion board.
I am aware that similar mods have been done, however, I still believe this will be a fun project. I would like to add a slot loaded bluray as well as wifi and Bluetooth support. I would like to keep the touch sensitive power button, however, I have heard that it was problematic even with the stock cube. So, if need be I will replace it. I am searching for a cosmetically well appearing but broken cube (I just never feel comfortable taking something that works and tearing it down).
Yes I know I could just buy the boxee box, an apple tv, or even a mac mini - but I think it's more fun and customizable to do it this way. Also, I realize that this is updating another apple computer, but I just love this design. Similar to the g4 - nothing like it existed at the time. And since my HDTV is on a mantle above the fireplace, this will be resting on my mantle (as long as my wife allows :) ). Let me know any suggestions.