Saturday, July 17, 2010

Apple Cube Mod

Now that I have moved into a new house and all major things have been done, I'm anxious to start a new project. After seeing some video of the new boxee box, I am intrigued with the possibility of having an aesthetically pleasing, small computer with the sole purpose of running either boxee or xbmc on a Linux distro to provide Internet content to a HDTV. One pleasing design is of course the apple cube. Updating the cube to support 1080p video is probably easiest to do with an atom/ion board.
I am aware that similar mods have been done, however, I still believe this will be a fun project. I would like to add a slot loaded bluray as well as wifi and Bluetooth support. I would like to keep the touch sensitive power button, however, I have heard that it was problematic even with the stock cube. So, if need be I will replace it. I am searching for a cosmetically well appearing but broken cube (I just never feel comfortable taking something that works and tearing it down).
Yes I know I could just buy the boxee box, an apple tv, or even a mac mini - but I think it's more fun and customizable to do it this way. Also, I realize that this is updating another apple computer, but I just love this design. Similar to the g4 - nothing like it existed at the time. And since my HDTV is on a mantle above the fireplace, this will be resting on my mantle (as long as my wife allows :) ). Let me know any suggestions.


  1. Hi I am thinking of trying to do this mod with a 15 inch G4 iMac but am unsure because I have never done one before.

    I need to have a basic idea of what parts I need and any thing I must or must not do.
    Take note that I live in Tasmania Australia so I have to be able to get these parts over here.

    I also would like to know what will be the average cost of this mod?

    I myself am not totally confident with very technical things but I know a lot and have friends that can help me.

    Also tell me if there are any bits I can take out of other computers to use because I collect Macs.



  2. Sorry I meant to post this on the iMac G4 mod page, anyway...

  3. Hi::

    70 something digitally impaired iMac G4 user. (I have two 17"ers)
    Very impressed with your Windows conversion and the way you shared the info. I'm a Mac guy-too fossilized to change, but a new mini would make editing easier, keeping the stylish monitor would be good.

    Sure would like to toss the guts of the dome and use the screen as Mac Mini monitor.

    Any guidance hints would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Don Reese
    Hampstead, NH

  4. Hello skypix - it's certainly doable. Both the 20 inch and 17 inch mod allow the monitor to be used with any dvi connection. The only caveat is that to fit you'd have to remove the mini from it's enclosure (or heavily modify the metal faraday cage). I myself didn't have the $ to risk sacrificing a mini - but there is no reason it can't be done.